Lofoten Roadtrip

September 8 and 9 I took a roadtrip to Lofoten for a quick retreat. I was driving as far as the main road took me, Å i Lofoten. Å is a small fishing village and the European route E10 road ends there. The Lofoten islands got some spectacular scenery and I was real lucky with…

Thailand 2017

A few photos from the beautiful Land of Smiles (LOS). Visited Thailand again. This trip I got to travel to Bangkok, Phuket and up north; Chiang Mai, Chiang Dao and Chiang Rai. North was a great experience and the laidback attitude compared to the south suited me well. Temperature was on the higher end of…

Vietnam 2017

Visited Hanoi and Ho Chi Min a few days in March-April. Will post some photos from my trip here and might add some later.

Tallinn 2016

Early October I visited Tallinn for a weekend. Nice city with lots of interesting old buildings and historical places.